As you probably got here in search of CAST
I am really happy to show up.

Have fun!

What I Did So Far:

By the year two thousand and five I started to build up a professional actor´s profile. Anyway, intense effords have been made, and it´s my pleasure, now to be found and reviewed by you!
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A little bit about me

I love to listen, read and experience Stories

I love nature. The sun, the oceans, the mountains, animals and plants.

People, Moods, Situations, Phantasie and Authenticity are pushing and fascinating me. The search for truth is always part of my work.

I won´t start to damn rain and storms immediately – because it will be cold and wet anyway.

I am an excited Djembe-Musician and this thrives since I was a child.

If it comes to Acting, I am classical-modern educated .

I focus on Movies and TV and I never forget what theatre-stage is meaning to me - for the heart, as a magic place, because of its direct response , or because of anything else trying to describe that feeling!

For me, working means to get in a creative process which initiates through a script, a scene, and oneself. And is connected to, or with others - an audience, a partner, a camera!

„There are no small or big roles - just small or great actors.“

A Dreamer, The Bad Guy, A Charismatic Person, An Intellectual Character, A Fighter or a Romanticist - as Protagonist or Antagonist - I see myself not to be considered in one way and am always looking forward to new challenges and encounters.


Please, have a look!

The Reel links to my public youtube channel , where additional work - in english and german language - is to be seen.
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Please message me via philipp(at)rankl-bartel.de

Philipp Rankl-Bartel
Infanteriestr. 16b
80797 München